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Texas Pediatric Specialties and Family Sleep Center

Adult Sleep Medicine, Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep & Pediatric Neurologist located in San Antonio and New Braunfels

Texas Pediatric Specialties and Family Sleep Center offers a wide range of services that allow them to quickly diagnose and treat most sleep, pulmonary, and neurological problems in adults and children. From sleep studies to lung function tests, the specialists at San Antonio-based practice ensure that you get the answers and treatments you need. To learn more about the specialized procedures, call one of the two clinics in Nix Alamo Heights, Shavano Park, and Lockhill-Selma, Texas, or make an appointment online.

Other Procedures Q & A

What procedures are offered at the practice?

To provide you with the answers you need, Texas Pediatric Specialties and Family Sleep Center offers a full suite of procedures that are designed to help the team expertly diagnose and treat most sleep, pulmonary, and neurological disorders. These procedures include:


Just as your phone can track your every step, an actigraph is designed to measure your movement and activity to better manage sleep disorders. An actigraph is a small device that you wear on your wrist or ankle and it relies on an accelerometer to record your motion.

Pulmonary function testing with IOS and FeNO

The primary lung function test is done with a spirometer, but your doctor may also turn to impulse oscillometry (IOS) to detect changes in your lungs and FeNO, which determines how much nitric oxide you exhale. These tests are critical in helping diagnose asthma and other pulmonary and airway problems.

Sleep studies

During a sleep study or polysomnography, your sleep specialist monitors your brain activity with an electroencephalogram (EEG) and records your eye movement, as well as any movement in your limbs. Your heart rate and oxygen levels are also recorded as you sleep. Sleep studies can be performed at a clinic or you can also get the equipment you need for a home sleep study.


A rhinolaryngoscopy is an upper airway endoscopy, in which your doctor takes a closer look at your upper airways to spot any abnormalities that may be causing or complicating your sleep apnea, snoring, or other respiratory issue, including allergies.

How do I prepare for my procedure?

If your doctor decides to run specialized tests, they make sure that you know ahead of time what to expect and how to prepare. Most of the procedures at Texas Pediatric Specialties and Family Sleep Center are noninvasive so there’s usually no downtime after your test or study. 

What happens after the testing procedure?

The answer to this depends upon what your doctor unearths during the test or study. These procedures provide your doctor with incredibly valuable information that helps them formulate the right treatment plan for your unique situation.

If you’d like to explore the many procedures that Texas Pediatric Specialties and Family Sleep Center offers, call or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment. 

Your Child Has an EEG Ordered – Here is What to Expect:

Sleep Deprived EEG – You need to create the “sleep deprived” state in the child by keeping the patient awake longer at night before the usual bedtime, and then wake them up earlier in the morning than usual. It is ideal to have a 25 – 50% sleep loss for a good test. The test is then performed in the morning after this induced sleep deprivation.

  • Hair must be Clean and Dry (if head lice is noted, procedure will be rescheduled until treated and clear)
  • Only one guest will be allowed in the room during the procedure
  • Parent MUST remain in the office through the entire procedure
  • Bring blanket (optional)